quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

The Femme Fatale Tour [Studio Version ] China


01. Hold it agaisnt me
02. Up N`down
03. 3
04. Piece of me
05. Big fat bass
06. How i roll
07. Leace and leader
08. If u seek amy
09. Gimme more
10. (Drop dead) Beautifull
11. He about to lose me
12. Boys
13. Dont let me be the last to know
14. Baby one more time
15. S&M
16. Trouble for me
17. I`m a slave 4 u
18. I wanna go
19. Womanizer
20. Toxic
21. Till the world ends

2 comentários:

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  2. Is this a fan made album or an official album released just in China?


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